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Why Online AutoML with KappaML?

Traditionally, machine learning model training is done in a batch setting. Individuals or teams of data scientists select the model and its hyper parameters. Over time, this process is repeated to ensure the model's accuracy. KappaML proposes a different approach: continuously training and tuning an AutoML model on a data stream.


Can adapt to changes in the underlying data and overcome concept-drift without retraining.


Can be deployed to production in minutes, and can be easily managed and monitored.


The training process of a model happens over time. The models does no have to be retrained, resulting in a low compute power required.


More and more problems can now be solved with online machine learning. KappaML offers a wide range of models and algorithms to solve classification, regression, and recommendation problems.

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The Kappa Architecture for Online Machine LearningJanuary 09, 2022

First, a hybrid approach called the lambda architecture was introduced. This approach involves having a batch layer, a speed (stream) layer, and a serving layer. The lambda architecture provides a good balance between speed and reliability. However, the complexity introduced by having both batch and streaming pipelines can make such an architecture hard to maintain, migrate or reorganise . Due to…

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Automated Machine Learning for Streaming Data.
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